Aquarius cell salt - Nat Mur

Natrium Muriaticum

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Aquarians need to work with change.

Repetitiveness is like death to them and it is very important to have changed in their lives.

Their rhythm is one of difference.

Their journey is one of working with groups of people but always standing alone as if on the outside of the circle. they are loners, yet they are contributors.

Their personal work to explore their individuality is extremely important. They are inventors and whatever they're involved in they need to have the freedom to explore the alternative. 

They are not interested in the conventional.

When restricted, they will rebel.

Authority is restrictive to Aquarians as they have an inner rightness that they believe in. 

The sign of Aquarius is connected to the nervous system, the circulatory system, the hips, and the ankles.

The cell salt Nat Mur regulates the flow and distribution of the fluids in the body.

The cells of the body are fed by the fluids flowing in and out of the tissues. These fluids carry necessary elements into the tissues and flow out carrying away waste.

Nat Mur regulates this flow of fluids and whithout it, cells would be starved. It is needed in all cases where there is a disturbance in the distribution of water.

Nat Mur can either attract water or use it. 

A blocked Aquarius may experience itchy eyes or skin, swelling of joints, nervousness, tiredness or sluggishness, or a feeling of being depressed. Deficiency of the cell salt Nat Mur can also result in dryness in the eyes, mouth, and nose, in swelling of the legs, and in shingles - an extreme form manifesting as itchiness and pain ion the skin surface.

Nat Mur is very good for sunstroke and malaria.