Cancer cell salt - Calc Fluor

Calcereum Fluoricum

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Cancerians need to be involved with nurturing.

They need to be involved with creating comfort and caring for others, especially towards children.

Their home and family which is very important to them as it creates their security out of which they can then feel safe to move out into the world.

The sign of Cancer is related to the womb, the stomach, and the spleen.

It is also related to the secretion of fluids such as the breasts, the white blood corpuscles and the function of reproduction.

The function of the cell salt Calc Fluor is an important constituent of the enamel teeth and bones, and the elastic fiber of all muscular tissue.

When Cancerians are blocked in their expression of their need to create and manifest security, their skin loses its elasticity and results in ailments such as cracked skin and splits between fingers and toes and behind the ears and the corners of the mouth.

Deficiency of the cell salt Calc Fluor can manifest itself in such symptoms as receding gums, loose teeth, poor memory, varicose veins, and extreme tiredness.

Calc Fluor is very necessary for the fine membrane covering the brain.

It can also be helpful in conditions such as spastic colon and piles due to the loss of condition and elasticity in that area of the body resulting in muscular weakness.