Capricorn cell salt - Calc Phos

Calcium phosphate


Capricorns need to be working with delegating.

It is important for them to be working with the opportunity to achieve. they are natural delegators, working well with discipline and structure.

They feel comfortable in the system, working with convention.

They enjoy order and assuming responsibility.

They make good directors and have a way with authority, so they need to be in positions where they can work with leading and orchestrating.

This expression otherwise becomes control.

The sign of Capricorn is related to the whole skeletal system, bones, and teeth.

The cell salt Calc Phos is used in the bony framework of the body and also forms the skeletal part of every cell. 

It is an important constituent of the digestive fluids so food can be properly digested and assimilated, thus allowing the calcium in the food to be digested and absorbed.  

A blocked Capricorn can suffer from arthritis and stiffness in the joints, osteoporosis and teeth problems.

Deficiency of the cell salt Calc Phos can result in colds, malnutrition and wasting diseases.

Calc Phos is necessary for growing children, during pregnancy, and for old people.

It is always necessary after any bone fractures.