Pisces cell salt - Ferrum Phos

Ferrum phosphate (Iron)

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Pisces people need to be involved with the creation of beauty and are very happy assisting others.

They have no need to be the center of attention and work well from the wings - this provides them with creativity but is also helping others.

It is very necessary for Pisceans to feel useful but they can also be attracted to victim redeemer situations.

Because of their distaste for confrontation, they can use escapism to avoid it.

The sign of Pisces is associated with the feet and the immune system. The cell salt Ferrum Phos oxygenates the blood from the air taken into the lungs and then unites with iron molecules in the bloodstream.

It then passes through the entire system via the heart, thus purifying the blood. 

A blocked Pisces result in a lack of iron resulting in a deficient immune system.

Tremendous sensitivity to drugs further interferes with their immune system.

They can suffer from illnesses related to the blood such as anemia and may appear as lacking strength, or fearful, weak and will-less.

Some manifestations can be blood clots or headaches behind the eyes due to oxygen deprivation.

Deficiencies of the cell salt Ferrum Phos result in low resistant and susceptibility to inflammation.

Flu and colds also arise frequently from a weak immune system.