Houses, Lords and Faces

The Asc. is the Eastern Horizon from Earth looking up called the Ascendant. 

The Nodes are invisible but that is another chapter. 

Each Zodiac sign has 30 degrees, these 30 degrees are divided again into several other divisions with each its own set of rules. 
Square or round chart.

The natal chart, square or a circle? 

Old charts are found in squares and circles. In Vedic astrology, you draw a square. the basic division of the meaning stays the same. 

There is a big difference between the use of planetary positions. The whole of the chart with all the placements is in Vedic astrology 24 degrees back. I have taken this often in consideration, more often then not it was incorrect. I'm open to any possibility that makes sense and logic. 

A note to consider, Vedic versus Medieval astrology is the influence of Hellenistic astrology within the Vedic. The constellations as we know them will have Hindu names but will have the same qualities.  Within the medieval astrology, Vedic principles are part as well. 

The full astrological system used in medieval times has only come available in the late 1990s.

thanks to the translators of Project Hindsight.

Vedic names for the Zodiac signs.

Aries             ----   Mesham

Taurus          ----   Vrishabam

Gemini         -----  Mihunam

Cancer         -----  Kadakam

Leo               ----  Simmam

Virgo            -----  Kanni

Libra            -----  Thulaam

Scorpio        -----  Vritchagam

Sagittarius   -----  Thanusu

Capricorn    -----  Makaram

Aquarius      -----  Kumblham

Pisces         -----  Meenam

I learned astrology with drawing a circle and will be using the wheel shape in most explanations.

Equal houses versus unequal houses.

The 12 houses.

The Ascendant is the Eastern horizon at birth. The Zodiac sign at that moment on the East determents the Asc., and is the cusp of the 1st house.

This gives you the starting point of the 1st house. There are 12 houses.
Each house houses a different quality of life. 


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