Wandering Stars 

The Luminaries are the Sun and the Moon.

The Wandering Stars are Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn.

Sometimes I will use the term Wanderers when including the Luminaries, otherwise, I will state the Luminaries and Wandering Stars.

This heptad of Wanderers is visible to the naked eye.

Our days of the week are named after them.

Sun for Sunday

Moon for Monday

Mars for Tuesday

Mercury for Wednesday

Jupiter for Thursday 

Venus for Friday 

Saturn for Saturday

How did the ancients arrange them in this order? 

We can see them rising the Eastern horizon and set in the West. They appear to move from East to West although they move from West to East.

The Fixed Stars are the backdrop of our sky visible at night made up of the star constellations.

The Zodiac-belt is the ring around us through which the Wanderers measured in there travel.

The zodiac we know as our birth signs. 

First, we need to understand how the cycles of the Wanderers move.  We take the fixed stars as our backdrop and by observing the night sky we can see what for centuries was observed in the same order. 

Saturn is the last planet we can see with the naked eye. This gives us seven Planets. To be more correct there is only one Planet and that is Earth. We have two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are wandering Stars. 

In the image below the zodiac is yellow the Luminaries and the Wandering Stars are in green. 

Imagine yourself in the middle or wrap the image around you. It is a bit tricky but you can see what the path is the Luminaries and Wandering Stars make. 

They move with the whole of the cosmos around and over us. 

It might be easier to imagine this when the planetarium turns the other direction.

Now we know the backdrop of the zodiac compiled of fixed stars we can see how long the Luminaries and Wandering Stars take to travel through all twelve signs.

Observed from Earth.

The Luminaries Sun & Moon

The Sun travels in 1 year through the 12 Zodiac signs.

The Moon travels in 28 days through all the 12 Zodiac signs and is equally important as the Sun. 

Unfortunately, most people do not know where the Moon was placed at the time of birth, or what their Ascendant is.

The Ascendant is the Eastern horizon.

The zodiac sign on the Eastern horizon is the Ascendant, from the location you stand taken.

The easiest way to figure out what sign is on the Eastern horizon at any given moment during the day or night depending on where the Moon is for locating the sign on the East is to stand with your arms spread like this well known drawing of Da Vinci, pointing one arm to the East the other to the West. Look where the Sun or Moon is and measure degrees with your body roughly. You will be surprised how accurate you will get.

You do need to know what day it is and which Month to know what degree the Sun is at that moment. 

For the Moon, there are other systems to calculate from the head what sign and what degree it is in.  It is easier than it sounds.

Calculate 2 hours for each sign 12 signs 24 hours. 

The video below shows how the cosmic wheel turns in one day. I show here approximate  1 second per day for 1 Month. You see the zodiac turns clockwise and by following the Moon for its the fastest you can see she moves the opposite direction anti-clockwise. This is the motion the cosmos turns over and around us. The Wanderers are seemingly moving from East to West but in fact, they move from West to East. this you can easily check yourself by observing the Moon at a certain time. Then the next day at the same time, look where the Moon is now. It will have moved about 13 degrees to the East.

The Wandering Stars

Earth is the centre, this heptad is arranged in the following order.

The Moon travels in 28 days through the twelve zodiac signs as we know them as our birth signs.

Mercury in one year a bit shorter than Venus,

Venus one year a bit shorter than the Sun.

The Sun 1 degree per day.

Mars takes about twenty-two Months for nearly two years to go around.

Jupiter twelve years and

Saturn twenty-eight to thirty years.


Venus and Mercury are never far from the Sun.

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun.

Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

The Sun enters into the signs.

Depending on your time zone and leap years.

Aries                    21     - March

Taurus            20/21     - April

Gemini            21/22     - May 

Cancer                22     - June

Leo                      23     - July

Virgo               23/24     - August

Libra               23/24     - September

Scorpio                24     - October

Sagittarius            23    - November

Capricorn        22/23    - December 

Aquarius          20/21   - January 

Pisces             19/20    - February

The system for the Moon is another story.

There are 13 Moon cycles in 1 year.

The Moon has another rhythm not only the 28/29 day cycle but a precise 19-year return to the same placement and aspect in relation to the Sun. In progressions, the Moon cycles 28 years around, roughly the same time as the Saturn return by transit. This subject will be discussed later. 

So arranged by there movement in time through the zodiac. We get the following image.

The Luminaries & Wandering Stars within there Chrystal Spheres.