Leo cell salt - Mag Phos

Magnesium Phoshoricum

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Leo needs to be creating, whether through their work or their hobbies.

It is very important for them to be creating or entertaining themselves through their creative energy.

Through it, they discover the joy of themselves and the center of their being.

To not be creating is like the Sun is being eclipsed for a Leo. 

The sign of Leo is related to the heart, the spine and the lower back.

It is also connected to the nerves involved with motion.

The function of Mag Phos is involved with the white fibers of the brain to produce motion.

A blocked Leo will symptomize feelings of fullness and a heavy stomach.

When their creative center is not being expressed they feel 'windy' and bloated due to nervous tension.

Deficiency of the cell salt Mag Phos can lead to muscular spasms, convulsions and cramps, hunger pains before meals, and a desire for large amounts of food.

Smokers and coffee drinkers will be deficient in this cell salt, so supplement-action will be necessary.

Sportsmen will utilize large amounts of Mag Phos and may need supplementation, especially if experiencing cramping.