Libra cell salt - Nat Phos

Natrium phosphate


Libra needs to be creating harmony.

It is very important for them to have harmony in their environment, be it in their home, work or relationships.

They are sensitive to balance and beauty.

Life has to be pleasing, beautiful and harmonious, and they're sensitive to aesthetic beauty.

Maintaining this balance, which is essential to their well being, they will need to discover the inner balance between assertiveness and compromise. 

The sign of Libra is related to the kidneys which are a pair.

Their function is to flow and their task is involved with elimination through the water fluids in the body. 

The kidneys secrete urine and then distill and filter it into the bladder, ready for elimination.

The cell salt Nat Phos is an alkaline salt. It neutralizes acids in the body to form new harmless compounds.

It is also involved in the release of excess water and the elimination of toxins and the correction of metabolism.

A blocked Libram will experience symptoms of varying degrees related to kidney ailments.

They may suffer from constipation and the skin may appear yellow or sallow.

Acidity through the skin may manifest as large pores which cause pimples and blackheads.

Gall stones can also form due to a lack of harmony and love. 

Deficiency in the cell salt Nat Phos causes fermentation which then retards digestion.

It can also result in gastric ulceration, a sour taste in the mouth, yellow coating on the tongue, and flatulence due to fermentation.

When the kidneys are not able to perform their work properly, the fluids in the body become unbalanced.

Other symptoms of deficiency of the cell salt can be smelly feet and smelly sweat, and a craving for sweets and chocolates.