Local Horizon-lines 

Local horizon lines are the direction of the Luminaries and Wandering Stars with you in the middle. It is the opposite in drawing from the birth chart. This is very practical in your home, and from where you live in which direction you will find what. You see the four directions North East South and West.

The difference between the two charts besides the mirroring of the sky on the ground is that the Local horizon lines go both ways. On the Local horizon-line chart, you see a dotted line extending in the opposing direction of the Luminaries and Wandering Stars. The Nodes are opposite by nature.

Both directions can be used. When you imagine yourself at the centre of this chart you know where the Wanderers are located at the time and place of birth. You keep those lines with you, they are yours.

Horoscope chart

Local horizon-line chart

Print the Local horizon-line chart on a transparent. Make sure the printing ink is dry it might smutch on the transparent.

You can place the transparent chart over a floor plan of your home or over a map of the place you live, your city/area and country.

It might give you insight for travel plans.

What is the effect of these lines and what can you do with it.

The origin of the local horizon lines is not clear, to calculate by hand seems to be quite complex. This is one of these things the calculations of astrological software can do this. It does make sense and is a practical addition to the arts of calculating where the celestials. 

The energy of the Wanderers is similar to what they produce and read from the birth chart.

An interesting article on the subject at Astrodienst.

By Glòria Roca.

Below a useful text, on the influences of these lines.

By Gail Carswell.

The direction of the Moon


Moon areas deal with our emotional security - nurturing or being nurtured. Our need for roots, for home and family. Whether we seek that security and nurturing from home, a person, a pet, food or whatever, we will focus our energy on an emotional connection. A geed area to have for your caving or meditating on being happy from self-nurturing. A good area for family pictures. When you entertain at home this room will draw people. 


The direction of the Sun


Sun areas bring out our creative natures.

Also our capacity for self-esteem, our ego. (Face your Sun-line area when needing to be creative). A place or direction where you will be noticed or shine in a particular field. Your vital force will be increased along with your courage, and drive to develop your individual character. Good area to recharge your personal battery. (However, if you don't want to be noticed don't go here.) 


The direction of the Mercury


Mercury areas are mind-stimulating and expand our desire to learn and communicate, lecture and see the broad perspective and not to take things too personally. Logic and verbal facility are enhanced with Mercury energy. Perfect area for your library, travel guides, and maps. A great area for the computer or reading, writing, study area. Follow the line to a good massage therapist.


The direction of the Venus


Venus areas are concerned with pleasure, whether physical (ruler of Taurus) or social in relationships with others(ruler of Libra). Travelling in this direction you will find ease in attracting compatible people.

This could bring personal friends or business acquaintances. Your partner could have been born under your Venus line or that is where you met.

The bedroom, area for leisure, or an area for arts or other pleasures.

Good place for your music centre or instrument.

The direction of the Mars


Mars areas are likely to involve personal action. This energy involves our instinctive self-will in action, our desire to do what we please. This also involves our self-confidence and sense of individual identity. The Mars line is one to take special consideration. Action and aggression can manifest in constructive or destructive ways. A great work out room area, or where machines are used for exercise. If your barbeque grill is here use extra caution. 


The direction of the Jupiter


Jupiter areas represent our search for Truth, Faith, and Trust, and direction in our lives. Follow this line for abundance, prosperity, opportunity, classes, and ceremonies.

This area would be my choice for meditation or higher learning and study. Find a lawyer, publishing house or advertising agency under these lines. Opportunities will be abundant. If your refrigerator is here, watch for overeating. Also, your Altar would be best in this area.

The direction of the Saturn


Saturn areas are the key to the LAW, whether natural laws, human law (stop for red lights) or inner Laws (conscience). The consequences, painful or pleasant, teach us what we can do, what we can't do, and what we have to do. A good place to be a hermit. Hang your diplomas or awards here to remind you that hard work does bring rewards, Store the Tax records or take care of bills. An area for very structured study or developing a class syllabus. 

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