My story

People and places who had relevant influence

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My mom and dad.

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My birth home


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The library of my parents was an exciting place to explore. these two books where living in the kitchen and the first books I started to read when I learned reading.

Books by Mellie Uyledert.

My dad is another story.

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A little further on where we lived a building was squatted in 1968, about a year later, the Kosmos had come to live. A place of a mix from new age to traditional spiritual lectures workshops and the sort where happening. Vegetarian restaurant- bookshop. 

This was my school of choice instead of the regular one. 

From the age of 13, I attended regularly the talks of Mellie Uyldert at the Kosmos.


Mellie Uyldert, an important influence, and inspiration in my life.

My first set of astrology books..JPG

My first set of astrology books.

Quote from one of the teachers, Kees van Baalen: "Students in the education prepared for 'alienation' in their subsequent employment. The education grants hand and money in the same device by the alienated people to deliver. Formal education does that by students years to forbid to move, to talk, stand up, touch each other, and forcing them to only record what the teacher or the textbook says".

(Google translation :-) I will translate this better at a later stage).


Original, Kees van Baalen: "Leerlingen worden in het onderwijs voorbereid op 'vervreemding' in hun latere arbeidssituatie. Het onderwijs verleent hand- en spandiensten aan het kapitalistische apparaat door vervreemde mensen af te leveren. Regulier onderwijs doet dat door leerlingen jaren lang te verbieden te bewegen, te praten, zelfstandig te zijn, elkaar aan te raken, en hen te dwingen alleen op te nemen wat de leraar of het leerboek zegt". 

It started as an excellent school. We had art timetables, I did classical ballet. Then the government closed the subsidy for the art classes and instead we got a new teacher with the subject "economics". I was good at maths, but economics was in my eyes designed to feed the cancer growth of multinationals killing all life.

Lecturing the teacher and assure him I would not take part in it, was the end of my school time. I was a bad influence on the other students.  

I started to work with my dad backstage and later on stage for the next 7 years. 

In the meantime, from the age of 13, I attended the lectures of Mellie Uyldert, who encouraged me to study astrology.