Born in Amsterdam, Miriam van Reijn began her study of astrology at age 16 after being inspired by the lectures given by Mellie Uyldert (link below).

Van Reijn took up the challenge of understanding this vast subject and began to work hard at it.  

There are many categories of astrology, for example medieval, classical, Hellenistic, Vedic, Arabic, traditional, modern, esoteric and so on. At the beginning of her studies, van Reijn was a classical astrologer. After project hindsight (see link below for more details) and studying the teachings of medieval astrology by Robert Zoller with Anita Noyes-Smith (see link Virgin Astrology), van Reijn in 2000 became a traditional astrologer.  Van Reijn has used modern technology to help with ascertaining quick and timely calculations, however, with the V.C Moon calendar, she has reverted back to the old-fashioned manual calculations, as the modern ways of calculating can be limited. 


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