2019 a year to free the mind of old ideas

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

The year started with Mars at 29 degree Pisces,

on the Fixed Star Scheat.

Scheat is situated in the constellation of Pegasus.

Unless you are in one of the last time zones, like Alaska (see charts below).

Traditionally is Scheat considered negative, associated with disasters.

On the other hand this star seems to be predominant in the charts of free thinkers/philosophers.

The constellation Pegasus

I am highlighting Mars because there is a general mis conception about the influence of this planet, or wandering star/ celestial sphere.

Most people stil believe Mars is the planet of war.

That is a mind set.

Mars is the action, movement.

Mars sets things into motion.

Mercury is the thinking mind and communication,

Venus our emotional needs,

Jupiter the expanding mind,

Saturn the realist and restricts.

Sun represents our ego and the Moon our feelings.

" (In a nutshell)".

The Sun is conjunct Saturn, en Venus trine Mars.

The planets Mercury and Jupiter are unaspected.

The Moon travels approximately 13 degrees a day, and can be in the first, second or third Decan/Face of Scorpio.

On mundane scale in the collective mind, we will take a closer look at this chart.

Interesting that the free thinkers / philosophers are linked to this star of the constellation Pegasus.

In Mythology, Pegasus was born from Medusa's body and captured by Bellerophon who is often depicted with a sword fighting the Chimaera while flying /riding Pegasus.

In an attempt to fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus, Zeus(Thor/Jupiter), send a gadfly to sting Pegasus and Bellerophon fel down to Earth, Zeus captured Pegasus for own use, to carry his thunderbolts to Earth.

Think of the air waves and frequencies.

The sword, a symbol for Air, the metal space.

Ace of swords, element Air. *>Original thought,brilliant intellect, divine inspiration.<

Timezone UTC-1

Timezone UTC+9

I stick to Mars at 29 degrees of Pisces, this is for most time zones applicable.

Mars is flying of with Pegasus, catching thunderbolts from Jupiter(Zeus/Thor), who is in the realm of the Centaurs, in Sagittarius, his own sign.

Hope you catch my drift.

Soon Mars will enter Aries, it's own sign and brings to the table what has come to the service from the depths of the waters with clarity and new insides.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, unaspected in Sagittarius can go in all directions.

Jupiter/Zeus/Thor, ruler of Sagittarius

Thoth. (Hermes/Mercury)

Mercury, unaspected as well, who last met up with Jupiter during the "Winter Solstice", 21/22 Dec. 2018, Jupiter and Mercury conjunct at 9 degrees Sagittarius right on one of the four Fixed Royal Stars "Antares", Watcher of the West.

Winter Solstice 2018. Jupiter Mercury conjunct Antares.

Each going now there own way, in the ever expanding possibilities of our mind.

Jupiter feeding Mercury with light bolts idees, can be an overload of information or a complete turnaround of concepts that we have taken for granted.


Be careful not to go haywire from too much information. You blow the fuses/nerve ends/nadi's. The electricity that runs though your body.

Drink extra water (filtered).

Mars giving a helping hand to Venus (Aphrodite/Freya), who is nearly drowning in the depths of the watery Scorpio, reaching out to her lover Mars ( Venus has many lovers).

Venus in Scorpio is opposing her own sign Taurus, therefore in detriment.

Venus in Scorpio.

In Scorpio Venus can be like an Ice queen, frozen in the still waters, overwhelmed by the depth of emotions.

Or being held in the arms of the Ice queen nearly frozen to death.

By letting go of old believe systems tears may come to the service. Let the tears melt the frozen heart and breath.

Or stuck in a swamp of murky waters.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign.

Sill water can be a mysterious lake as well.

Scorpio has its influence on te sex organs.

And has in the first place nothing to do with love, which Venus so hard needs.

7 of Cups, Venus in Scorpio. Debauch.

Venus in Scorpio is depicted as 7 of Cups in the Tarot.


*>Hyperactivity, displeasure, satiety.

Profound disappointment has not yet been overcome.

It is time to open your eyes and accept reality, which may be painful.<

10 of Cups, Mars in Pisces. Satiety.

In the Tarot we have Mars in Pisces depicted in the 10 of Cups.


*>Satisfaction, fulfillment, radiance, gratitude.

Mars never behaves rudely, offensively, or uncontrollably in the spiritualized sign of Pisces, but lends the necessary determination to carry inner experience to the surface.

Assertion: Gratitude is my key to growing fulfillment.<

Left: Mars in Pisces. Right: Venus in Scorpio.

Lest take a closer look at the placements of Mars and Venus.

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and Venus is exalted in Pisces, but they are in the other signs.

Both in a Water sign and thus it effects our emotions. The gentle placement of Mars in a harmonious aspect to Venus, a trine, combined with the effect of Scheat, will give us a clear insight of our deep down stuffed away unprocessed traumas. Mars will be loving and understanding, and is indeed a helper on a flying horse.

Saturn ruler of Capricorn

The Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn with the Moon, throughout the night transiting, making a sextile from Scorpio to the Sun and Saturn.

Saturn is in its own rulership and feels at home where he is placed. Highlighted by the Sun, Saturn will help you see reality with new eyes. often Saturn is described as a negative planet. Personally I love Saturn, for he keeps things real and comes with the reality checklist.

Now with the Sun shining so bright on Saturn, there is no hiding for shadow anymore.

What can we make out of this, what does this all mean?

Princess of Swords. Earth in Air

My advice; Be like the Princess of Swords, stand firmly grounded and cut away the cobwebs of old ideas and believes.

*>The cool drought of fresh air bringing spiritual clarity represented by the "Princess of Swords" has broken up the ancient and empty altar. The wind blowing in all directions leaving smoke, debris and ashes in its wake. When spiritual revival takes hold of the Earth, it destroys the altars of irrational thought.<

*>Key words from "Tarot, Mirror of the soul" by Gerd Ziegler.<

Knowledge is power. It is up to the individual what to do with it.


Miriam van Reijn

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