December 2020 void of course Moon calendar

This month has very short and extremely long periods of the void of course.

A total solar eclipse will be on December the 14th.

December the 19th has even twice a void of course in one day. Note that the winter solstice has a long void of course period. At this time Saturn and Jupiter change sign and will be conjunct in Aquarius on the 20th of December.

There are no Retrograde planets this month.

( I do not use the modern new-age planets, only the classical traditional original heptad (seven)).

The Void of Course Moon is a much-debated subject. I find it quite practical when used for daily activities, horary astrology, and gardening.

This link will bring you to a page of my first astrological website, which I made in 2015 for the 2016 V.o. C Moon calendar in 18 different time zones.

Photoshop changed its policies and I was not able to continue. Now recently Photoshop has bee n donated to me and finely I can make this calendar again.

I do calculate when needed when one of the last aspects is made to one of the modern transcendental planets, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto.

Because the Horary system and the use of the Void of Course Moon are predating those modern planets, is the use of them in respect to this not practical.

I noticed years ago by using these aspects in the V.o.C. Moon, it did not work. Sometimes the V.o.C. Moon can be a whole day earlier than when one of the modern planets makes its last aspect. This might sound like abracadabra for non-astrologers. Using this calendar in its traditional form will be safe. Especially when it comes to buying new goods and other business. In using the calendar for gardening, it is best to take care of the traditional V.o.C. times as well. In my personal experience seeding under a V.o.C. Moon, will make seeds sprout poorly.

The V.o.C.Moon is good for clearing out old cobwebs, metaphorically and latterly. Finishing projects, check the bottom of the pile if you have not forgotten anything. Meditate or go for a walk. Take a bath, anything nourishing, as long as you do not start a new project. Meet a new client, buy something new. Daily groceries are a routine and do not count. But when you buy a new book, you will not read it. Same with clothes, it's just not the right one, when bought under a V.o.C. Moon.

This link brings you to another website I made with articles by several other Astrologers and myself, on the V.o.C. Moon:

Enjoy the calendar and I hope you will feel the rhythm of the Moon.

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