Knowing Thyself

We often hear the questions;

Whom do you want to be?

Whom do you want to become?

What do you want to be?

What do you want to become?

Before we can find the time and tools to figure out who we are!

Especially in the school systems these questions are asked while still processing all been taught, except the tools and knowledge to figure out who "I am" is.

What we have been taught is to laugh at our ancestors who knew the Earth is flat and station!

The astrologers of the past had the cosmic patterns and movements correct, something still observable to date.

First step is to learn the symbols of the "Planets", the Luminaries and Wandering Stars.

Moon and Sun are the Luminaries.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are Wandering Stars.

They move within their own path, these are called the crystal spheres.

The order in which they are placed, is because their individual movement. They move in front of the Zodiac belt, which turns 360 degree each day around our Planet Earth. The Moon is the fastest, going around in 28/29 days and Saturn the slowest in 28/29 years. They all move from the West to the East. Yes, they appear to move from East to West. Observe this for yourself with the Moon. Take two evenings in a raw, when the Moon is visible, at the same place and time. The second day you see the Moon has moved approximate 13 degrees towards the West.

Starconnections is a donation based service website where I will share my knowledge, on this subject. To help understand your own birth chart. The birth chart is a blue print from the cosmos at the time and place of your birth. You are not your body, but live in it temporarily, and is under influence of cosmic rays as all things on Earth.

You do not need to become an astrologer to learn what it is an astrologer looks at. Like writing and counting, we do not need to become a writer to learn reading.

Please feel free to ask questions, I'm open to any suggestions and critical comments.

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