Total Lunar eclipse 27 July 2018

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Mercury takes the thrown for a moment. Sun and Moon make their eclipse with Mars interfering, while Mercury Venus Jupiter and Saturn are unaspected.

Total Lunar eclipse

Interesting eclipse, Mars conjunct the Moon. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn unaspected. Venus in Fall. Saturn in its own ruling sign. In other place or time zones, the house cusps change, the Planetary positions stay the same. This is for Amsterdam. When a Planet is unaspected, it will compensate and amplifies its position. Any eclipse is a time to go inward, as all living beings do. Nature goes silent, and so should we. Humanity far removed from nature, engineered by social-design. Let's take this opportunity and work with the given celestial positions. Venus in Virgo is in Fall, meaning she is not comfortable in this place. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign of service, cleanliness, health. Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio a Fixed Water sign. Fixed is self-serving. Jupiter is taking a deep dive into the depths of our emotions, where it will expand our capacity of feeling. With Venus frantically clearing out the cobwebs and other stuffiness stored in our body. Good time to prepare and detox now. Mercury Unaspected in Leo, a Fixed Fire sign, is taking the thrown for the moment and can over-think too much or be tricking all. Mercury can be the chatterbox in your head, so sit quietly and let it be the observer for this time. The Sun and Moon doing their own eclipse business, too busy with Mars conjunct the Moon who likes to get things moving. Mars in Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign. Mars will think now, instead of acting head over heals, might come up with some brilliant ideas. Venus in Virgo and Mars in Aquarius, both signs serving the greater good, keeping the bigger picture in mind. Saturn comfortable in its own sign Capricorn, Cardinal Earth, makes sure everything gets a reality check and put up boundaries where needed.

Venus in Virgo unaspected

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