Sagittarius cell salt - Silica


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Sagittarius people need to be involved with growth.

It is very important for their happiness to be exploring, learning and working with sharing and expansion.

Honesty and freedom are significant qualities in their life. Involvement with journeys and travel provides Sagittarians with a means of learning. They enjoy variety and adventure.

In life, they constantly are working with situations involving choice.

This choice process teaches them to be inclusive - not comparing and always seeking to be the best. they need to respect the importance of authority and honor limitations. 

The sign of Sagittarius is related to the liver, the largest organ in the body.

This is the organ of elimination and growth.

It is said that unresolved anger resides in the liver, which contaminates the system.

The cell salt Silica acts like a flint. it travels all over, pushing in and around the cells which are congested with waste, loosening and pushing it to the surface.

it supports regrowth in areas such as hair and has a definite action in the sweat glands.

A blocked Sagittarius can suffer from tiredness due to sluggishness,

and a sluggish liver results in inefficient elimination. 

Deficiency of the cell salt Silica manifest in light- sensitivity, balding and loss of hair growth.

Smelly perspiration of feet, copious night sweats or insufficient perspiration.

It can also cause dullness in hearing due to blockages in the Eustachian tubes.

Other signs of the deficiency can be irritation, aggressiveness,

a disinclination to get out of the bed, sensitivity to noise and light, twitching of the eyes, and clamp-like headaches.