Scorpio cell salt - Calc Sulph

Calcium Sulphate

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Scorpios need to be involved with recreating.

It is important for them to be involved with depth and passion.

They do not acknowledge anything in between and they have no gray areas.

They are very sensitive to undercurrents, and their sensing of a situation is very deep.

Their strength can be very attractive and beneficial, but can also be experienced as controlling.

Their interest is to go far into a situation as possible and to transcend taboo zones.

It is necessary for them to learn to accept softness and not confuse it with weakness. 

The sign of Scorpio is related to the sexual organs and the process of regeneration.

The cell salt Calc Sulph is a blood purifier and helps to break down old cells and destroy worn-out red blood corpuscles.

It acts like plaster of Paris - Calc Sulph is a purifier and in calcium, we have a healing agent.

By eliminating worn-out red corpuscles the blood is continually purified. It also coats the vascular surfaces such as the lining of the stomach, which is then protected from gastric juices. 

A blocked Scorpio can experience barrenness because the eggshells are weak, or impotence in males.

Skin eruptions such as boils are deep processes of the body's attempt to eliminate toxins.

Deficiency of the cell salt Calc Sulph can result in stomach ulcerations, or ulcerations appearing in the nose, mouth, colon, and eyes. Symptoms of slow healing are also signs of deficiency of Calc Sulph.