Virgo cell salt - Kali Sulph

Kali Sulphuricum

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An expression of extreme importance to Virgo is to be involved with service. Their meaning of purpose is to experience a feeling of service and to be taking part in creating order and rhythm.

Their need for order is strong and designing some daily rituals for themselves is very important to their well being.

They have a highly sensitive awareness of their body and health.

A valuable and important Virgo occupation is attention to their health and involvement with their bodies' nutrition. 

The sign Virgo is related to the digestive system.

This is the central station of the body and the Zodiac.

There are twelve different nerve ganglia branching off into all different directions of the body.

It is the seat of our lower brain and reflects the condition of the entire body. Anxiety affects Virgo's digestive process.

The function of Kali Sulph is to manufacture and distribute oil which provides a lubricant and purifier for the body.

It also helps to form new skin especially after an illness such as chickenpox. A blocked Virgo will suffer from acne manifesting from serious self-criticism and resulting in feeling shame or feeling dirty.

They have difficulty sharing intimately and perceive intimacy as dirty and distasteful, so blockages resulting in dandruff, falling hair, or dry skin, because the necessary oils are not reaching the pores of the surface of the skin to lubricate or to allow cleansing.

Deficiency of the cell salt Kali Sulph can result in blocked pores, so the process of cleaning through pores is inverted.

The portal vein gathers digestive food and conveys it to the liver.

It then gets congested and becomes sluggish, and the elimination process is affected resulting in constipation and a spastic colon.