What is Inter-Dimensional Path Work?

Inter-Dimensional Path Work is going inward and working on yourself, by using Astrology, Tarot and/ or other techniques which are designed to understand and get to know oneself.

Interdimensionalpathwork is a term I use for inner work with oneself.

Immerse the physical, emotional and mental bodies you live in.

Extend and enrich consciousness. 

Being able to self-analyze with a sound dose of self-criticism. 

The Inter- is related to the Internet, through which this information has come to you.

The dimensional part is related to our connection with the unseen realms inward and outward.

So as above so below!

The path is your own and the work is yours. All I can do is bring traditional methods that I use, know and understand as much as I can to the table (desktop). 


Knowing oneself through understanding the cosmic influences.

History & Herstory.

Art of delineation.

Interdimensional path-work.

Easy energetic exercises.

Webinars and consultations. 

Are just view subjects to be expected at Starconnections.

Developing a deeper understanding of ourselves on the inner and outer surge of who "I am", connecting the inner and outer worlds in the centre of our essence. From where inspiration is poured into our conscious.
Then realize your true self and act on it with an inner knowing and trust in yourself. 
Astrology is still a subject not well understood.
Modern Astrology and esoteric new age astrology have added to these ancient old arts of natural sciences and philosophy other elements that are giving misleading directions and hijacked the pure beautiful natural science how it is in its balance.
Basic cosmology is nothing more than ABC and 123. Unfortunately, we do not learn this at school nor do most know what time they were born. Instead, we learn about a fictional heliocentric astronomical idea.
We do know the 12 Zodiac signs and most of the sceptics still like to read the nonsense in magazines or newspapers, the fiction written about the Sun sign they are born under. 
The Sun sign represents only the ego in all its shining glory. It's more complex than just 12 types of human behaviour.