Basic  Astro-logical understanding

Astrology is, in my opinion, a misunderstood, missing subject in schools.

Traditional  Astrology is the right tool, to get to know oneself.
Starconnections offers simple steps to higher knowledge.  

The birth chart is a good reference to start with, for it is a kind of photograph from the cosmos at the time of birth and place.

From the moment of birth, all cosmic bodies keep moving.
The movements of the cosmos have their influence on all matter including the physical human body.
Each and every one is unique. 
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Birth Chart

A simple explanation how to make your own birth chart.

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Explaining the Progressions.

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What are, and how to use, the local space-lines.

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Have you come to this page via Astrowiki Astrodienst Void-of-Course.

Here is a link to an in-between blog on Void-of-Course that directs you to my old website where I used the same name

That website has the V.o.C. Moon calendar for 2016.

The in-between blog has the Months of this year 2018 in the scribbled format under "extra" at the top bar and more information on the V.o.C. Moon.

I would love to make this calendar every year for the web.

First, this website needs to be finished. You find the same link on the page "Other links" in the top bar on this page.