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Beyond the Physical
Traditional Astrology

Knowing yourself

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I have created this unique

and practical calendar

for everyone to use.

No need to be an astrologer. 

The Void of Course Moon Calendar

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Traditional astrology is derived from medieval astrology which was the highest development of the astrological science after its origins in Hellenistic  Egypt, and prior to its decline in the 17th century in Europe. 

One of the basic ideas in medieval astrology is that there is no change, other than eternal cyclic change. 

The concept of evolution is not a concept that we find in medieval astrology. Knowing that the word evolution is sacrosanct in the minds of the many.

Neither we find psychology in these traditions, for this is a 19th century concept. 

A traditional astrologer is foremost first of all a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.,

In our modern time, we find two distinctive traditional astrologers. Those who make use of the trans Saturnian planets and those who keep the tradition pure. I leave the modern outer planets out and keep the traditional astrology in it's original form. With the introduction of these modern planets, the traditional art form is taken out of balance and a social engineering has taken place by categorizing the individual into generational concepts. 

Thus the individual uniqueness of a person has been cornered into a pigeon hole. 

Traditional Astrology offers a whole different system which is more a deep dive into ones life with practical predictions. 

What is Traditional Astrology


My name is Miriam van Reijn

I'm an astrologer who started in the mid-1970s.

From 2000 onwards I changed to traditional astrology. I am giving consultations, readings, health advice and classes. 

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