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Miriam van Reijn

Miriam van Reijn, a traditional astrologer from the Netherlands, began her journey into self-discovery through astrology in the early 1970s. Embracing the living nature of astrology, she delved into ancient techniques, eventually studying under Robert Zoller in 2000, immersing herself in ancient knowledge and departing from modern esoteric astrology.

In addition to astrology, Miriam pursued various holistic healing modalities such as shiatsu, foot reflexology, pranic healing, and Reiki, becoming a Reiki master. Combining these techniques, she developed a unique approach to health and self-healing, guiding others on their journey to mental and physical wellness.

Miriam van Reijn Traditional Astrologer

Miriam has crafted a practical Void of Course Moon calendar for over twenty years, using traditional calculations for accuracy. Her blog features a monthly calendar and tutorials, with subscribers receiving it automatically via newsletters. To support her work and gain early access to the calendar, visit her Patreon page.

Miriam's commitment to simplicity ensures practicality, inviting visitors to explore her blog, connect, embark on their journeys of self-discovery and reach out for collaboration or inquiries.

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