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Moon Calendar

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Since old times, the Moon was used to track time.

In one month, she moves through the twelve zodiac signs,

known as our birth sign or Sun sign.

The Moon can be seen as a transmitter which filters the cosmic rays to us through which we can feel sense and act on according to our personal blueprint from the heavens at the moment of birth, our natal birth chart.

The Moon calendar is unique, it tracts the Moon through the elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and shows the time when the Moon is void of course.

In one month the Moon moves through all twelve zodiac signs.

Each sign has different qualities, we know them as our birth signs, but they are much more then that.

The influence of the Moon is ever so present, although we might not notice at ones.

A classic, of course is the Full Moon, when vibrant activities become more apparent.

So are the moments when the Moon is in Void of Course. In one month the Moon is approximately 13 times V.C.

A V.C. Moon starts at the moment when she makes the last aspect to one of the planets or the Sun, before entering the next sign of the Zodiac.

Aspects used are 0, 60, 90, 120

and 180 degree distance

0 = conjunct

60 = sextile

90 = square

120 = trine

180 = opposite

There is much to say about what to and what not to do during a V.C. Moon.

I collected several articles by different astrologers including my own, on the Void of Course Moon and put them together on a separate website with the sources attached.

How to use the calendar

As you can see, this calendar shows all days in one go for one month.

The colours tell in what sort of element the Moon is in. Each Zodiac sign has a different element. Fire , Earth , Air and Water.

In the last twenty years that I have been making this calendar in this way, I never came across any month that would be the same. All planets have their own rhythm of movement. But the way they dance around the Zodiac connecting to each

other is unique.

The Sun goes around the Zodiac in one year. Mercury and Venus as well, but they have their own standard of movement with their Retrograde moments. Mars takes two years, Jupiter about twelve and Saturn twenty-eight to thirty years.

I do not use any of the modern planets, for they are not part of traditional astrology. Traditional astrology is much older then when the modern ones where so called discovered.

Each day has 24 hours, so the middle of a day is 12 noon. You can see the time at the bottom of one day when the Moon goes V.C. (Void of Course) and with what planet she makes a last aspect to what distance.

Them the beige colour is showing the V.C. period until the Moon enters the next Zodiac sign shown by an arrow and the time.

Example below Tuesday 21 March 2023

In the blue aria , the Moon is in Pisces a Water sign, then at 13:55 CET she will make a last aspect to Mars, a square in this case and is then Void of Course until 17:02 CET, when she will enter Aries and thus inaugurate the spring equinox. The Moon faces will be shown in the right top corner. Here we see the New Moon at 18:24 CET, zero degree and fifty minutes in Aries.

List of glyphs and what they are.

The elements and how they are related to our lives.

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